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The networks below offer health care providers and stakeholders an opportunity to collaborate to accomplish better care, better health and more affordable care through quality improvement.

The Networks section of the site is available to members only. You may now join the networks below. If you do not have an account, you may create a new account. If you are a registered user, please log in with your existing account and then join the networks.

Benefits of participation include connecting and collaborating with others in your field and sharing knowledge through forums, listservs and educational events. You will have access to tools and resources specific to each network, as well as easy event registration.

Learn more about TMF’s work in quality improvement on the About Us page. Your privacy is important to us; read our privacy policy for information.

Adverse Drug Events

The Adverse Drug Events Network works to improve drug safety practices, reduce medication-related harm and develop innovative care standards.

Beneficiary- and Family-Centered Care

The Beneficiary- and Family-Centered Care Network’s purpose is to improve Medicare patients’ and their families’ experience with the health care system.

Cardiac Population Health

The Cardiac Population Health Network works to improve cardiac health in Texas through prevention, care coordination, patient engagement and community action.

Driving Data for Improvement

The Driving Data for Improvement Network is a community-wide innovation project investigating the health care quality and efficiency of the Houston Long Term Care Hospital (LTCH) referral region.

Health for Life Diabetes Initiative

The Health for Life diabetes initiative works with community partners and physicians to help eliminate health disparities and increase opportunities for diabetes self-management education among underserved populations, especially African Americans with diabetes.

Healthcare-Acquired Conditions in Nursing Homes

The Healthcare-Acquired Conditions (HAC) Network works to reduce pressure ulcers, physical restraints and other HACs in Texas nursing homes.

Healthcare-Associated Infections

The Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI) Network works to reduce HAIs in Texas hospitals.

Physician Quality Reporting via EHR

The Physician Quality Reporting via EHR Network works to increase participation in the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) and improve the use of electronic health records for care management.

Quality Reporting and Improvement

The Quality Reporting and Improvement Network focuses on encouraging Texas hospitals to report quality measures and use their data to improve health care.


The Readmissions Network collaborates to reduce avoidable hospital readmissions by improving the quality of patients’ transitions between health care settings.To learn more, read our business case.

Texas HIT Connection

The Texas HIT Connection Network collaborates with the Texas Regional Extension Centers to promote population health and integrate electronic health record (EHR) features to improve care coordination.

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